Rado wrote:
> James wrote:
> > Rado wrote:
> > > Could you handle key-management (i.e. client approval) with the
> > > same efficiency, since it's basically about code control, given
> > > how well you're organized for code review?
> > 
> > No. It isn't about code control alone, the job would also require
> > running clients on various operating systems. I'm just not set up
> > for that.
> Uh, why other platforms?
> Isn't it enough to see the "core" is OK and once it passed ask for
> others with access to required platforms to help out?
> Porting should not be as much a problem as understanding the meaning
> for code changes, which you can do well.

To do it right would need both code review, and checking that the binary
was built from the code, e.g. by building it again, and then running it.

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