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> ---- Rado S <list2rado at gmx.de> wrote: 
> > What about a trusted community, supporter, servant?
> > Can't you trust anyone else besides you?
> > Why do you have to do all "the dirty work" by yourself?
> > Thank you for correctly pointing out that factually James is
> > doing most of the work which _is_ being done all by himself.
> You agree that James is doing most of the work, by himself.


> Then you're asking why he doesn't take on more work on top of
> that, and complaining that his reasons aren't valid?

You've fallen for the same mistake Andrew has commited: ignoring the
context. Putting both my statements on the same quoting level
doesn't help it really.

Besides, I'm not complaining, I'm asking or suggesting.

When you recall the context, you'll notice that he didn't decline
altogether, but explained that for the idea to work it were necessary 
"to do it all myself for all platforms".
To this I offered alternatives to his "lonesome hero" approach.

> Why don't you do it?

I can't do it all by myself either.
Therefore I suggested to share the workload.

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