On Tue, Sep 02, 2008 at 04:49:49AM -0400, Zach Uram wrote:
> When is the last time a new server was added (not counting when
> pickled changed from pickled.psychosis.net to pickled.netrek.org)?  It

	softoffice.net, before that the 3 bot servers + hockey
	server.  I don't recall exactly /when/ these servers
	were added, but I seem to recall softoffice mid-spring
	and the other 4 roughly a year ago.

> doesn't seem like this happens very often but I can see how it could
> be abused and at least temporarily hurt games. I would lean towards
> closing access and formalizing some sort of registration process for
> future legitimate servers which seems  of a low probability unless we
> get a large influx of new regular players.

	Sadly, the days of multiple servers all with wait queues is
	long past.  Back when netrek was at it's peak new servers
	were welcome as it permitted more people to play without
	needing to wait for slots to become available; this is
	no longer the case.  As it is now we have issues with not
	being able to maintain t-mode on pickled due to warped's
	presence on the metas, compounded by the fact that as soon
	as one slot logs into warped it starts to attract newbies
	which takes away from t-mode on pickled.

	I've been tracking server utilization for the past couple of
	weeks (I wish I had done this earlier, but the project kept
	getting tossed on the back-burner for various reasons) and 
	the effect is evident.  Cacti preview mode for server usage
	on pickled, continuum and warped is available at:


	Currently there is no side-by-side preview for all
	servers visible at once; I change the tree configuration
	to do so when I have a few free moments.  Click on the server
	name to view utilization graphs; click on the graph to see
	daily, weekly, monthly and yearly averages or choose the time
	scale from the "Presets" drop-down box.

	I've long been a proponent of closing off open solicits and
	forcing would-be server admins to go through some type of
	official channel so that the problems of player-base splits,
	the potential for harm of bot servers, etc could be discussed
	with them prior to allowing their servers access to be listed
	on the metaservers.

	Openness is all well and good, but the potential for harm
	with a player-base as small as we currently have is too
	great in my opinion to continue the open-solicit model that
	is currently in place.


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