=- James Cameron wrote on Tue  2.Sep'08 at 13:17:39 +1000 -=

> 1.  lock down the metaservers so that new servers cannot be listed,

(the following "you"s are not directed personally to James, but a
general attribution to sympathisers with the given ideas)

This assumes that when the choices are limited to less preferred
choices, then players will fall back to the remaining types
 This might be true for some, but not for all those sitting on or
looking for non-bronco servers, so instead of catching those you
lose them altogether.
 The numbers for either case ... are to be researched, but I'd
consider it a pity to lose those jumping off altogether and turning
to WoW, Quake and the like.

Just for curiosity ... if the numbers would show that non-Bronco is
actually preferred over Bronco, would you gather around non-Bronco
and shutdown Bronco for the sake of best survival chances for the
bigger group? Would you quit Bronco and turn to whatever non-Bronco
would be the #1?
 Those answering "no" please explain why the non-Bronco'ians should
then change when you wouldn't.

> 2.  add a way to accept new servers,

Depends on the way.

> 3. keep the server to metaserver UDP solicitation channel open for
> existing servers.

Not without fixing metas code.

=- Zach Uram wrote on Tue  2.Sep'08 at  4:49:49 -0400 -=

> I would lean towards closing access and formalizing some sort of
> registration process for future legitimate servers which seems of
> a low probability unless we get a large influx of new regular
> players.

Define 'legitimate'.

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