On 2008-09-19 20:41:09 -0500, "Zach Uram" 
<netrek at gmail.com> said:

> Are there current cow packages too? I can try to test on dapepr

This -should- work. I recommend doing it in pbuilder, but I'm to lazy 
to document how to do that right now.

Add the below to apt.sources:

    deb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/netrek-server-team/ubuntu hardy main

$ sudo apt-get update
$ cd /tmp
$ apt-get source netrek-server-vanilla
$ sudo apt-get build-dep netrek-server-vanilla
$ sudo apt-get install devscripts
$ cd netrek-server-vanilla-2.13.0ubuntu0.3/
$ debuild -sa -rfakeroot
$ cd ..
$ sudo dpkg -i netrek-server-vanilla_2.13.0ubuntu0.3_i386.deb
$ sudo /etc/init.d/netrek-server-vanilla  start
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