> Are there any mac users out there that can test this?=20
> Can we verify how many mac players have been hitting the servers this past =
> week?
> I download the client=2C execute it and the only option I have is localhost=

I've been looking for an excuse to try some osx development. This is as 
good as any.

First the warnings.

1. I've never done any native osx development. I'm 100% noob.
2. I've never used any native osx development tools ala xcode, 
interface builder
3. I do not know how (yet) to make osx packages or even how to make .dmg files
4. I've never written a line of Objective-C until tonight
5. There is no documentation, install, build, or otherwise

That all said, I'm willing to give maintaining the osx client.

I've setup the MacTrek sub-project on Launchpad, you can visit it here:


I've created a new "1.4.0" release that fixes the metaserver issue (as 
well as some house cleaning) and you can download it from here:


It's still taged 1.4.0 because I do not know how to edit the plist file 
to change the release number (yet) -and- the RSA key I used is not 
blessed, but I think all servers do not require blessed keys.

Unlike the upstream developers 1.4.0 release, my release is Intel only 
(not universal) and build for osx-10.5 (won't work on 10.4) -and- may 
require you to upgrade gmp (I got mine from darwin ports)

Please file any bugs or issues here:


Bob Tanner <basic at us.netrek.org>          
Key fingerprint = F785 DDFC CF94 7CE8 AA87 3A9D 3895 26F1 0DDB E378