i've been lurking but not sleeping :-)

> Snow Leopard ships on Friday Aug 28th.
> The official MacTrek client crashes on my latest developer release of
> snow leopard.

I have no access to that (or macs to spare for it :-) but will try to  
get it when it is out

> The official maintainer still hasn't released a 10.5 build so I don't
> think asking for a 10.6 build will be of any use.

Actually the 10.5 stuff is sitting in the trunk waiting for the  
working version of the server to embed, i've tried some of the server  
releases but never got anything but an empty stream. I could remove  
the embedded server, and release quite soon.

> When I could get timely response from the official maintainer and it
> looked like he was not interested in coming to launchpad and none of
> the patches I did submit to sourceforge got integrated or built I lost
> interest in the coding on it.

Auch, i'm not sure what i did there, but no mal intention. No i don't  
see a need for launchpad, yes i do remember taking some of your  
changes into the sourceforge version. (I also remember inviting you to  
sign up for the MacTrek trunk :-) It would be really, really helpfull  
to get the server functional again, but i have no time to learn that  

> New OS release has piqued my interest in MacTrek again.

That's good news, maybe we can work together to test it on Snow Leopard