I've released the latest version of the Windows client, which has been
renamed to Netrek XP 2010.  This version has many bug fixes, especially for
paradise.  There is also support for the latest and greatest server features
including newbie tips, variable ranks, and in-game ltd stats. The client is
available for download at and  Changes
and fixes are as follows:
Netrek XP 2010, Version 1.0: (Released July-2009)

General bug fixes:
1) Many paradise bugs fixed.
2) Many cambot bugs fixed.
3) Fixed phaser draw bug with weaponsOnMap:off.
4) Fixed double buffering bug which was causing performance issues on
certain hardware configurations.
5) Fix bug with custom color palette (forcedisplay = 2) which caused local
window to have a red background.
6) Fixed bug causing ship values on dashboard to not display properly when
upgrades were bought in sturgeon.
7) Fixed bug where font size was not saving properly.

New features:
1) Warning messages are no longer logged.  Cuts down on logfile spam.
2) Add hint about options menu to the startup hint list.
3) Cambot playback now works for paradise recordings made by paradise
4) Removed RSA verification as this is now deprecated server side.  Using
new client identification method as defined in server.
5) Added netrekrc option "autoPhaser" to phaser exact location of enemy
target (enemy ship or enemy plasma) closest to cursor.  Can target cloaked
ships.  Enemy must be within phaser range of your ship.  Only works if
server has feature packet F_auto_weapons enabled.
6) Added support for server feature packet SP_RANK.  This allows the rank
table to be dynamic rather than static.  In short, it allows servers to have
more or less ranks than normal.  Practical application - grand admiral rank
on sturgeon now displays correctly in player list and rank window.  And rank
window now properly displays offense requirements for rank.
7) Added support for server feature packet SP_LTD.  This allows detailed
stats to be sent to the client.
8) Added netrekrc option "metaBroncoOnly" to only list Bronco/INL servers in
the list of servers provided by the aggregate metaservers.
9) Added support for server feature packet TIPS.  This clears the MOTD
window and provides tips on how to improve your play based on data the
server records of your current session.
10) Added netrekrc option "showTips" to choose whether or not to display the
server tip messages supplied by TIPS.
11) Client version info now has 1 letter identifier to show where client was
downloaded from (p =, n =, d =
12) Addition of Netrek XP specific metaserver to the metaserver list, to
work alongside the default metaservers.
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