I've gotten netrek-server 2.15 ported to osx. It compiles clean, I even 
cleaned up the warnings.

I'm building everything in ntserv, newstartd, robots, robotd, tools, 
sequencer, keycomp, xsg, and pledit.

I was informed gum is no longer maintained? (if so, remove it from darcs?)

I prefer to work in bzr and would like to continue working there until 
we know that the osx code is stable and ready for merge back into 

The branch is hosted on launchpad: bzr branch 
Web view: https://code.launchpad.net/~tanner/netrek-server/osx-branch

I did alot of clean-up as I went.

#ifdef and macros for platforms and operating systems from the ancient 
past I refactored and just put in the equivalent (generally speaking) 
POSIX API calls. Example of ancient past? sun3? sun4? sequent? bzero vs 
memset? string.h vs strings.h?

What I would like to do is open a launchpad bugs for each major "drop" 
of an old platform and allow the developers to discuss it. Comments?

I also removed most (all?) of the deprecated APIs, as hinted above, 
memcmp vs bcmp, memcpy vs bcopy, memset vs bzero. Like above, I'll open 
a LP bugs and let the developers discuss. Comments?

Other clean ups:

* SYSV signals vs BSD signals
* Header file inclusions unistd.h? strings.h? stdlib.h? fctl.h?
* strcpy, strncpy, string stuff in general
* random, srandom vs rrandom,ssrandom
* usleep vs micosleep
* wait3, waitpid

Everyone think using LP bugs to discuss the changes is a good 
methodology for tracking all of this?

I purposely left out how to build the branch, the tools I used, and 
what not, as I did not start on a pristine osx install. I'm am 
currently working on documenting everything and will put something on 
the wiki when I think I have something that won't cause more problems 
then it solves.

Right now, I'm just looking to start the discussion, let developers use 
tools they know (vim, emacs, etc) and give me a code review.

Bob Tanner <basic at us.netrek.org>          
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