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>> Right now, I'm just looking to start the discussion, let developers use
>> tools they know (vim, emacs, etc) and give me a code review.
> Got a patch?

Right now I've gotten the server to compile using the following 
#defines (ignore the format for now):


I found that without out these "core" #defines the code will not 
compile unless someone goes into the .c files and makes sure the:

#ifdef BLAH

All match with the config.h.in definitions. I did not think it was 
worth the effort :-)

First question, are the above #define reasonable?

Second question, what other #define are typical?

There are so many #define in config.h.in all code/compilation paths are 
unreasonable to test.

I'd like a "good" set of #defines in addition to the ones listed above.

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