Tue Jun  9 14:37:48 CDT 2009  tanner at real-time.com
  * osx-netrek-server-port.patch
  * Let the find_package(RSA) so the work of setting up linkages
  * bzr tracks file permissions were it looks like darcs doesn't? several 
    modifications of files becase of permission changes.
    Changes to allow out-of-source RSA building
    Changed to allow in-source RSA building
  * Added check for RSA in system locations and out-out-source build tree
  * Typo in pledit's crypt libraries macro
  * Merge linux crypt library detection, linking changes into osx branch
  * Trying different approach to crypt and having libcrypt or not
  * The crypt API is in unistd on osx and in crypt.h/libcrypt.a on linux, write
    rules for this difference.
  * Missed one path issue
  * This is my first attemtp to resolve the problem. See
    for details
  * Change default of verbose command lines
  * Added .cmake files 
    Removed build from ignore
  * More changed to get Vanilla to compile under osx
  * Missed a couple of files.
    Module to find GDBM library
    Port work on newstartd
  * Second night of porting netrek-server to osx
  * First night of work switch netrek-server from autotools to cmake
    First night of work porting code base to osx
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