Fri Jun 12 01:02:13 CDT 2009  tanner at
  * continued-define-cleanup-osx.patch
  Do not need #include <filio.h>, it's not on linux compiles fine without it.
  No return from non-void function death()
  Kill hpux definition
  #include "util.h" for mprintf prototype
  implicit int return from non void function
  PopPlanet and RandomizePopOrder definitions are wrapped inside a 
  #defineA INL_POP change the prototypes to be wrapped inside a #define
  as well.
  Move all #define into CMakeLists.txt (patch for cmake build coming)
  -DSVERS needed in ntserv/main.c and tools/update.c
  Should not have /* stufff /* more stuff */
  Need <string.h> from strcmp 
  Do not check for g++ compile, this is a gcc (aka C) project online (Thanks ahn
  Continued clean-up, removed more #ifdef *_H ... #endif
  Let the find_package(RSA) so the work of setting up linkages
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