Sorry for the impertinent question, but how do you build using cmake?
INSTALL hasn't changed, and I typed "cmake" and got a usage output ...

So I googled and fiddled around ...

	cmake CMakeLists.txt 

... creates *lots* of files ... and then ...


... actually does the build, so cmake is merely a replacement for the
autogen, autoconf, configure steps?

But there's no rule to "make install".  How do you do that step?

What minimal steps should be present in the .tar.gz?  (In the autotools
world we provide the prepared configure, which is output from autoconf
... the conversion from source repository to .tar.gz uses our

What should we never add to darcs or bzr?

Is there a way to have all the cmake files be created in a place that
does not pollute the source tree?  There are about 500 files created by
the cmake step.

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