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> Bob,
> Sorry for the impertinent question, but how do you build using cmake?
> INSTALL hasn't changed, and I typed "cmake" and got a usage output ...

I haven't written it yet. Some wise Aussie told me to commit soon and 
commit often. I'll edit the INSTALL and the README.OSX tonight.

> ... actually does the build, so cmake is merely a replacement for the
> autogen, autoconf, configure steps?

For now.

> But there's no rule to "make install".  How do you do that step?

Don't have that written yet. :-( Something calld CPacks, which build 
platform specific distributions.  Like (examples only) tar.gz  Linux, 
dmg OSX, etc..

> What minimal steps should be present in the .tar.gz?  (In the autotools
> world we provide the prepared configure, which is output from autoconf
> ... the conversion from source repository to .tar.gz uses our autogen.sh
> script).
> What should we never add to darcs or bzr?

cmake uses out-of-source building so if you do things right you should 
never pollute the source tree and thus never have to worry about adding 
build files to RCS.

> Is there a way to have all the cmake files be created in a place that
> does not pollute the source tree?  There are about 500 files created by
> the cmake step.

Quick steps for out-of-source building....

$ cd /path/to/netrek-server-osx-merge/Vanilla
$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ cmake ..
$ make

Everything will be in the build directory. I routunely do this.

$ cd build
$ rm -rf *; cmake ..; make

Look in Vanilla/CMakelists.txt for "OPTON"

You can do fun things like:

$  cmake -DVERBOSE:BOOL=ON ..
$ make

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