netrek-client-cow 3.3.0 was released, with considerable change,
especially in the area of user experience prior to actual play.

Initial window: add logo and action images, add tips to the help
button, fix a refresh delay bug, fix bug leaving window behind on
quit, decrease startup time by deferring imagery loading, send
version to metaserver, report multicast empty servers as empty.

Wait queue window: suppress message of the day, use modern
language, coloured buttons.

Team selection window: allow new server side training tips to
replace message of the day after initial death.

Flight: adopt pixmaps graphics previously distributed in another
package, full screen now centres game in a 1024x768 window, more
sounds in parallel, display ranks based on server ranking system,
update rate changes are immediate, report stall of data stream
rather than just hanging if network is lost.

Miscellaneous: include desktop icon, remove sound warnings,
accept a system wide default file, remove obsolete metaserver TCP
method, remove old style features support, add latent support for
LTD statistics display, and fix ogg beeplite to identify oggee
not caller.

Thanks to contributions from Collin Pruitt, Bill Balcerski, and
John R. Dennison.
0ff5366d35a8bce1d4139aa29bead7cc  netrek-client-cow-3.3.0.tar.gz

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