Andrew and I were talking Saturday night about a continuation of the
existing netrek development wiki and he had mentioned that he was moving
the bits that he was making us of over to some ad-based free wiki on the
web somewhere.

I made him the offer of hosting a free mediawiki instance for his use, and
after I went to the trouble of securing it from spambot idiocy I mentioned
to him that I'd be happy to host it as a general netrek wiki that could
have an area devoted to development issues.

What I've put together is on a VPS I have in a datacenter in the Building
of the Americas in Philidephia, PA USA; dual-homed off of Global Crossing
and Level-3; running the latest version of MediaWiki (same base wiki
codebase as wikipedia uses; secured to prevent spambot idiocy as best as
possible.  Data is backed-up nightly and shipped off-site and in the event
of an emergency I can roll-out another instance elsewhere in a matter of

If people are still interested in this and want to take me up on the
offer please respond here.

"I'm sorry but our engineers do not have phones."
As stated by a Network Solutions Customer Service representative when asked to
be put through to an engineer.

"My other computer is your windows box."
                                     Ralf Hildebrandt
<sxem> trying to play sturgeon while it's under attack is apparently not fun.
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