Hello again!
Sorry. I would like to be involved in GNU/Linux development, but
wouldn't mind working on OS X. I am most comfortable with Python and C,
but I'm in this for the learning so any language is good.

Thanks for your e-mail. I will get to coding soon. :-

On Mon, 2009-03-02 at 15:49 +1100, James Cameron wrote:
> Welcome Mathew,
> Quite a few things are available for newbie developers, but it is
> difficult to point you at things without some knowledge of what other
> things you have developed.  Got any prior work we can look at?  Got any
> languages or operating systems you prefer to be involved in?
> Here's a list of places to look for ideas to work on:
> Server, has a PROJECTS file in the repository in darcs.
> Client, for Windows, has a "NetrekXP to do list.C" file in the
> repository in CVS.
> Client, multiplatform Python/Pygame/SDL for Mac, Windows, and Linux, has
> "FIXME: " spread through the main source file (but I plan to moved that
> into a separate place).
> Client, X11 for Linux and Mac, has a TODO file in the repository.
> There's also the LaunchPad bug tracking instance for the server and the
> Linux X11 client.