Is this the right forum for this? I'll continue until someone says 

On Thu, 19 Mar 2009, Zach Uram wrote:

> There is no yellow netrek logo at usable sizes, just the very small
> one that appears in the URL bar.

That's the one I like. It's the icon for most (all?) netrek clients.

> There are now 4 variations of the new
> netrek logo:
> You can see them with the page background set to black here:

I don't like these for the following reasons:

1) The "badge" is crooked.
2) The "radio waves" make no sense and shouldn't be there.
3) The font is ugly.
4) I'm not even sure we need anything besides just a yellow, non-crooked, 
"badge". At least that's what I'd like to see (if it's not copy righted by 
Star Trek).

That is if we really need a logo. I've played this game for ages without 
actually realizing (or caring) that the client logo (icon) isn't the 
netrek logo.