On Thu, Mar 19, 2009 at 06:54:42PM +0100, Niclas Fredriksson wrote:
> Is this the right forum for this? I'll continue until someone says 
> otherwise.

	It's fine :)
> That is if we really need a logo. I've played this game for ages without 
> actually realizing (or caring) that the client logo (icon) isn't the 
> netrek logo.

	It's an issue of branding.  I can not for the life of me think
	of a single FOSS project that is not readily identifiable by
	it's logo.  While I am not convinced that the logo that Zach
	has had designed is completely unencumbered of trademark and
	copyright issues it's far more modern than the simplistic
	communicator badge icon that's been in use since the dawn
	of mankind (personal opinion, obviously).

	Whether we adopt Zach's logo or not I feel that we do need
	a new one to help identify the project.  There is, of course,
 	no reason that the current badge icon can not remain the
	client icon and favicon.icon of the website, etc.


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