The chosen implementation is that the client sends the name and the
version in the same message.  This is optional.  This would usually
occur after SP_PICKOK.  The protocol definition in packets.h has been

The new behaviour in the clients is compatible with existing servers.

The new behaviour in the server is compatible with existing clients.
The logs will contain version numbers without client names.

(The new behaviour is potentially incompatible with any old server that
does not use feature packets, if the server has a features file using
the very old features format that predated the SP_FEATURE/CP_FEATURE
pair.  In those days the features were exchanged using
SP_MESSAGE/CP_MESSAGE packets with MCONFIG set and a SRV header.  The
result of the incompatibility would be failure to match feature lines by
client version number.)

Thanks to those who participated in the IRC discussion earlier today.

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