Until we hear back from Chris (primary developer of Mactrek) I'm 
forging ahead on my learning how to write code for osx.

First issue:

I am all 10.5/i386, I installed the 10.4 SDK, changed the xcode options 
to 10.4/i386, and compiled up a test application, forced Quozl to test 
it with disasterous results.

I'm looking for someone who is still 10.4/i386 who can do compiling so 
I can figure out how to make xcode on 10.5 make 10.4 compatibile .apps.

The MacTrek binary is 10.4 and it works under 10.5. An option might be 
to just to compile for 10.4.

Second issue:

Anyone with ppc still? Do we even move forward supporting this architecture?

Bob Tanner <basic at us.netrek.org>          
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