On Mon, May 18, 2009 at 10:30:30AM -0400, Zachary Uram wrote:
> Someone in IRC (I think it was Bob Tanner) mentioned that running the
> poller application under OS X was eating up over 300MB of system
> memory.

Bob, take a look at OS X's Java VM for a hello world.  Exclude cache.

> I talked to Jeremy and he said this should not be happening
> and that there should not be any memory leaks in his app.


> Here is a
> screenshot he sent me (he is running MS Windows Vista I think) showing
> only 19MB of memory being used:
> http://www.jesujuva.org/mem-usage.jpg

Irrelevant.  It is the trend that is important.  Measure the usage at
hourly intervals.  Or if this was taken after some hours say so.

I wouldn't be surprised to find it is a feature of the virtual machine
in use.  Zach, why don't you load up a Java VM yourself and test it out,
that way we'd get the Linux data point.

As another data point, the metaget program that I use takes a peak of
2Mb virtual memory, 644Kb physical memory, and is 13k on disk.  The
large difference between the on-disk size and the peak virtual memory
size is caused by the very large C run time library.

Jeremy, are you on the netrek-dev mailing list yet?

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