On 2009-05-19 09:49:36 -0500, Jeremy Shupe 
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> All told, however, I can not understand how the program might have swelled
> to 300 megs of memory usage.  I am trying to do a methodical analysis today,
> tracking memory usage over time.  So I'll look at those results tonight.

Lots of details missing from my irc discussion. :-)

I never said the program (poller) leaked memory or there was anything 
wrong with the poller.

I just stated that the JVM when running the poller takes 300M. I 
further stated that I think the Swing to Cocoa bridge is what is the 
memory pig (not the poller).

I have not done any testing. As far as I know 300M is the base memory 
footprint for the JVM under osx.

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