On Tue, May 19, 2009 at 10:26:43PM +0200, Niclas Fredriksson wrote:
> On Tue, 19 May 2009, Gremaux, Douglas A wrote:
> > Observed on pickled server last night during pre-T entertainment.  Did 
> > not try it during t-mode.  While peaced and carrying, fly to enemy 
> > planet, orbit with shields up, and beam down.  Shields drop but armies 
> > don't, which is expected.  Declare war.  Armies start dropping 
> > immediately before war declaration 10 second timer runs out.  I believe 
> > this is a bug.  Note that beam down key was only pressed before 
> > declaring war. Client XP 2009 although I doubt that matters.  Bug is 
> > repeatable.
> Working as intended.

	Working, yes.  Intended, I doubt that.  It bears every
	indication of a design flaw as does the legacy base refit 

	Please note, I am not advocating changing it from the way
	it currently operates.  I would, however, suggest documenting
	this behavior somewhere as it's not how one would expect it
	to function.


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