On Wed, Sep 01, 2010 at 02:33:32AM +0200, Toumal Rakesh wrote:
> Yep it's 64 bits...
> I'm afraid -m32 gets me into 32-bit-library hell since I can't seem to get a
> 32-bit version of libgdbm that he likes.

	What's the platform?

> I took a look at those header files - um, it's safe to say they're very,
> very different. I'm not a C-guru (not anymore, doing java for a living these
> days) - is there anything particular that I could look out for to make
> things work with 64bit?

	I don't recall if Karthik and I ever isolated it.  In theory
	it shouldn't be *too* difficult to make the bots use the
	global headers versus their private copies but it's been
	a while since I looked into it.  I have a dim memory of
	someone working on it; I'll go through my mail archive when
	I have the time and see if I can locate it.


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