Some project about "Integration of TWiki and VoIP with a Game"
reviewed various games and decided to pick either TeeWorlds or Netrek.
Interesting to see their reasons for not choosing netrek. It's funny
they classify it as a FPS, usually see it as RTS.

2.3 The Final Choice

So we decided to focus our search on First Person Shooter(FPS Games)
.We focussed on trying to  nd games that had their source code readily
available on the internet and were the focus of active interst among the pro-
gramming community We shortlisted two games:Netrek and Teeworlds. We
 nally choose Teeworlds over Netrek because

1. It had better graphics.
2. It's forums were more active than that of Netrek.
3. Its source code had better readibility.
4. It had versions for various systems-macintosh,windows and linux thus of-
fering us greater freedom to choose our base operating system


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