Hi folks

> In the prior code, the best damage was achieved by timing the explosion
> to arrive in the vicinity of the base 400ms after the explosion begins.
> In the current code, this best time is 80ms after the explosion begins.

I vote for restoration of the original behaviour:
    • It is the time-tested version optimized for classic play.
    • A bug is unlikely ever to result in optimal play.
    • Old players are used to the original behaviour and are impacted.
    • New players users are not often found to be competent base pilots and
      are unlikely to benefit, let alone notice.
    • Typical minimum human response times are around 100 ms.  A delay of
      80 ms is likely too small to be of value, especially when some 
      players already have to deal with round-trip delays of over 300 ms.
    • If the traditional value is determined to be suboptimal, an optimal
      value should be determined by thorough play-testing.