Hi all,

I'd like to implement voice communication in Netrek.  Unfortunately, I 
know very little about how voice works, so I went on a little hunting 
expedition this morning, and tried to wrap my head around it.  I guess 
the options are writing something from scratch, using the standard VoIP 
protocols, or integrate an existing product.  I saw mentioned in an old, 
old post, some software called Mumble, which is open source, so I had a 
look at that.  Mumble is the client, apparently, and the corresponding 
server is called Murmur.  Presumably the netrek server would run an 
instance or two of Murmur, and clients would run an instance of Mumble 
that connects.

Now, the fun will be coding it so that you auto-join your team's voice 
channel when you select your team.  How will this work?  Will the netrek 
server notify the client which team it is on, and therefore, which 
Murmur instance to sign on to, and Mumble will do that?  How can Mumble 
be commanded in such a fashion?  How will we prevent the others from 
connecting to the team channel?  How can we mute problem players?  
Should observers be allowed to speak?

I think its obvious from the above that I'm still wrapping my head 
around this stuff, but this is a project I'd like to work on, so, if 
anyone has any thoughts or suggestions on the above, let me know.  
Personally, I think this is the #1 thing missing from Netrek right now, 
and will vastly help things like teaching noobs, making the game more 
fun, and mainly just encourage teamwork due to the far faster and better 
communication that can be achieved with voice vs macros.