Bill raises some valid points. I am also concerned this will lead to
undesirable behaviour such as newbies and semi-clue just deciding to
not even engage rather than risk a penalty. For example if you are
defending a planet alone versus carrier + escort and you have
reinforcements coming it is often possible to slow then down by
asstorping as you ever so slowly move back from front of planet giving
your teammates time to advance and assist. Also there are other
scenarios such as when you are escorting a carrier and your only way
to stop the SC ogger is by firing sideways. The non-intuitive nature
of the costs is also problematic as Bill mentioned. I fear this could
lead to an even wore situation where instead of the player engaging,
albeit via buttorping, they just run away and don't engage at all, and
wait for an 'ideal' (in their view) scenario.


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