> In Mactrek, there is a "l" key that seems to lock on to the nearest ship. Perhaps that is only for tracking/viewing purposes?

General lock function, it is in most clients. To come back to your previous post, you could indeed go in the painter class and turn it into a "speaker", the python client is a lot smaller and easier to digest though :-)
> Lastly, is the Netrek client/server protocol documented somewhere outside of reverse-engineering the code? I've Googled quite a bit, but can't find it, if its out there.

There is a small description in the MacTrek developer guide, but the network layer is like dark magic, it's out there but only few have seen it in real life. I never managed to get UDP support running :-( there is also a java version which is not maintained actively but is cross platform and Object Oriented.

Good luck and this will be a very interesting project to see, ahum hear.

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