I'm looking for play testers for changes to the Gytha client that I've
made in the past few days.  Testing is needed in the next four days.

These changes add a client-side achievement-unlocked dialog for a set
of early learning achievements, for players who have never seen the
game before.  These are tracked per-user in their home directory.

An experienced player will find these _very_ annoying, so you have to
use the command-line flag --ubertweak when starting the game.

A new key "A" is set up for showing the achievement progress.

The achievements in suggested learning order are:

    'Using Help',
    'Using Keyboard Help',
    'Using Information',
    'Using the Galactic Map',
    'Planet Lock',
    'Shields Lowered',
    'Phaser Hit',
    'Cloaked Flight',
    'Calling a Take',
    'Calling Escort',
    'A conquer parade!',
    'Phaser Hit a Cloaked Enemy',
    'Phaser Hit a Plasma',
    'Drop on Agricultural',
    'Drop on Enemy Homeworld',
    'Ten Kills',
    'Planet Hook',

The achievements do not provide any advantage in the game, they are
only for learning progress tracking.

Here's the source in darcs:


The most likely problems I'm looking for are:

- random crashes in untested code, please capture the stderr

- obvious ways to circumvent the achievements,

- missing obvious achivements for new players.

Some minimal sound effects have also been added, again oriented not
toward enjoyment but toward learning goals:

- an orchestral hit "ta da" when an achievement is unlocked,

- men shouting "Hey!" when your team planet count increases,

- a slide whistle down when your team planet count decreases,

- a dramatic orchestral sequence when an LPS starts,

- applause when a conquer parade begins,

- an explosion for when your ship explodes (but not others),

James Cameron