Am 02.03.2013 02:40, schrieb Andrew Sillers:
> My proxy is a simple Websocket-to-TCP proxy, which can easily be run on
> the same machine as the actual server. 

Nice. However, we want to take advantage of WebRTC's capability to use
UDP! I think proxy-wise all we need to support WebRTC would be something
to initiate the UDP peer2peer connection [in this case between the
browser and the netrek server acting as WebRTC endpoint], we could
hopefully reuse most of the normal netrek UDP protocol (inside WebRTC)
once the packets are flowing.

Now, on the client side with JavaScript, the original binary Netrek
protocol is probably a pain to deal with(?), so perhaps using something
simple yet compact (JSON comes to mind) would be better (even at the
cost of higher bandwidth usage).

Any takers? :-)