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> Hello everybody,
> I have been a long time brewing this idea based on the Star Trek universe
> that would be played from command-line. I would like to post it here to
> receive feedback and suggestions on the idea, or any possible help to move
> forward.
> The game would be based in the Star Trek universe, with the user assuming
> the captain's seat on a galaxy class starship, fully-staffed with first
> officer, chief engineer, security, a communications officer and helmsman.
> It would be inspired by Nethack in the sense that it all takes place on
> the terminal, animated and illustrated purely by ASCII characters. (This
> may seem like an ugly prospect at first but more on this later).
> The player would operate the game the way a user utilizes multiple shell
> sessions with the linux program 'tmux' ( screenshot of the program:
> ). In the game, there would be
> several, perhaps dozens, of screens and views the player could pull up
> displaying diagnostic info, personnel records, sensor readings, main view
> screen, etc ... The player would be able to manipulate, customize and
> navigate through his or her screen configuration. One idea was to be able
> to have multiple 'clients' for the same game session; meaning players could
> connect from multiple shell sessions to their star-ship, and dedicate
> different screens/views to separate monitors.
> The game would be a turn-based RPG, with quests obtained from different
> planets, star-ships, entities along the way...
> The game could easily be an MMORPG. Players would play in an accurate
> representation of the Milky Way galaxy.
> Battles with other ships, enemies, would be turn based, as implied above.
> The ship would require maintenance, upkeep, etc ... Starbases may play a
> role here.
> Warp travel to faraway places would be traversed in real time. For
> example, if an active quest requires you to travel 3 days at maximum warp,
> the game would have to run for 3 days. The game should allow the player to
> leave it running in the background, or online perhaps.
> As for the graphics, they would be purely ASCII driven. The UI would most
> likely be built using the ncurses library. Unicode Braille Patterns would
> be used to draw pixel graphics on the terminal. The graphics depicted would
> be limited to graphs, sine curves, 3-d shapes and probably a crudely drawn
> star field for the view screen, with interesting effects when warp drive is
> in effect. This page has some interesting demos of Unicode Braille patterns
> being used to draw graphics:
> Also, perhaps for face-to-face communication through the view screen or
> personnel portraits when communicating with staff, the best we could use
> would be ANSI art graphics (see image to ANSI art websites).
> Looking for input; honesty always appreciated.
> Thanks,
> chowdhury
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