I moved pickled a few days ago per John’s wishes, but defined one of the metaservers incorrectly. It’s fixed now.

James, there’s still an old entry on metaserver2 that may need to be cleared out.

- Karthik

> On Aug 3, 2020, at 16:55, James Cameron <quozl at laptop.org> wrote:
> I agree.  "No connection" in your telnet output means one of the
> metaservers is unable to make a TCP connection to pickled, and may not
> have received any UDP updates from pickled.
> I guess it depends on what has changed since Saturday 25th.  Karthik
> hasn't let me know.
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> [17:12:18] <Bahhumbug> Quozl: I've just sent Karthik email asking him to move pickled at his earliest opportunity.  I will be killing that instance off in the next few days when the bill comes due.  I've spent a considerable amount of money over the past ~10 years hosting that instance but the time has come for me to divest myself of it.  I no longer have a client installed on my desktop and I will be removing myself from
> [17:12:24] <Bahhumbug> mailing lists when I get around to it.  I'm done with netrek.
> [17:12:26] <Bahhumbug> Just wanted you to be aware.
> [17:12:46] <Bahhumbug> See ya.
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