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> *Is that good enough to get the metaserver to work?*


There are two ways for a server to get listed on the metaserver.  The old,
legacy way is to configure the metaserver to connect to ports 2591 and 2592
to retrieve info for the listing.  We generally don't use this anymore.
Your implementation is incomplete or inconsistent because it is not
returning expected data to the metaserver.  I've temporarily added your
server to metaserver2 so you can see this and make changes.  The metalog is
below.  Let me know when you are done fixing, and I will remove this manual
entry from metaserver2.

1594734993: connected to netrek.networkmom.net (2591)
1594734993: connected to netrek.networkmom.net (2592)
1594735099: ERROR: read buffer flooded by server netrek.networkmom.net

BTW, your empty server 2591 is returning an empty player list vs "No one
playing."  (See continuum's reply when it's empty.)  Not sure if this

The better way to get listed on both metaservers is to add metaserver
solicitation support in your server.  Your server then sends listing
information to one or more metaservers over UDP/3521 (point to
metserver[12].netrek.org).  Once you get this working, your server should
show up on metaserver1.
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