A productive programming day so far.  Updates to netrek.networkmom.net <http://netrek.networkmom.net/> Empire server:

Zach wrote:

> Can you reduce the number of bots per team before the game next week? There are so many bots I wouldn't be able to see all the player names.

That goes against one goal of Empire mode, which is to have a BIG game with 4 full teams (of course we’d prefer 28-32 humans).

I’ve made robots take the higher numbered slots.  Human players take the lower numbered slots.  That way the human player list will be visible on all clients until ~20 human players, at which point some clients (COW) have them scroll off the bottom.

> “Detted torp damage seems high”


> Add armies to kill report if dying player was carrying


> Inconsistent use of slot numbers versus letters versus hex

Server now consistently uses decimal.  Some clients still use letters a-v for players 10-32.

> Torp vector needs correction

Fixed.  Torp/ship vector now affects torp speed (butt-torping is slower) but not aim direction, consistent with Vanilla.

> No torp wobble

Fixed.  Torps now wobble

> Turn radius for cruiser at speed 9 seems too lenient


> Bug: possible to repair after engine failure


Outstanding issues:

> I can't put my finger on exactly what it is, but compared to the vanilla
> Netrek server, the animation feels "jagged”.

(Goal: increase to 20 fps)

> The wall clock blinks about once per second, which is the same rate
> where I see torpedoes that shouldn't be there blink in and out.

I saw the wall clock blinking on the COW client.  I have no idea what causes that, but I do send a bunch of updates once per second.  Will investigate.

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