Apologies for the spam, but I need to share a significant milestone today.

The "first playable version" is now running on iPad!  Screenshot below.

The end of a drag gesture specifies your new direction.

The magnitude of the drag gesture specifies your new speed.  For example, dragging half the screen commands speed 12 (in addition to the course change to wherever the drag gesture ended).

A very short drag gesture (tap) is interpreted as firing a torpedo.

I’m hoping to make a double-tap gesture mean firing phaser (there are SwiftUI issues here).

I expect to have a row of buttons at the right side for other commands and communication stuff.  At this time I can’t even turn my shields off, much less repair ;-)

Interestingly, CPU usage is _far_ lower on iPad than on MacOS.

So far dogfighting is pretty hard with your finger, but iPads also have bluetooth mouse support.

Instead of a “strategic” screen, I’m thinking of directional signposts at the edge, indicating direction and distance to players and “interesting” planets.


PS: Thanks to Dave for fixing the metaservers.  Fortunately it let me implement and test the “no metaservers available” code ;-)

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