On Sun, Jun 7, 2020 at 7:09 PM Darrell Root <darrellroot at mac.com> wrote:

> I expect to have a row of buttons at the right side for other commands and
> communication stuff.  At this time I can’t even turn my shields off, much
> less repair ;-)
> So far dogfighting is pretty hard with your finger, but iPads also have
> bluetooth mouse support.

I would support a bluetooth mouse or stylus to make this version playable
against people on computers.  The finger is just too inaccurate on such a
small screen.

Also, instead of buttons on right, I'd place status and buttons on the left
and align the tactical to the right.  Messages can overlay inside the
tactical like on the Paradise client (maybe COW has this, too).

> Instead of a “strategic” screen, I’m thinking of directional signposts at
> the edge, indicating direction and distance to players and “interesting”
> planets.

You could allow one to toggle (zoom in/out) of the tactical to the galactic
with a touch button.  Or the toggle could halve the size of the tactical
and do a semi-transparent overlay over the full galactic so the player
always has a tactical view - you can be smart about positioning it in 3rd
space by default, perhaps even make the floating tactical movable.

Nice work.
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