I just updated my xtrekrc file for Netrek XP Mod to use metaserve
metaserver.netrek.org and when I launch I only see pickled and continuum in
the metaserver window. I also  upgraded my hockey server's metaservers file
per your specifications so why isn't that showing up either?



On Fri, Jun 19, 2020 at 11:33 PM Dave Ahn <ahn at netrek.org> wrote:

> We are making some changes to the metaserver deployments.
> metaserver.netrek.org will soon begin to return two active IPs in RR.
> metaserver1.netrek.org and metaserver2.netrek.org resolve to each IP now.
> metaserver.us.netrek.org and metaserver.eu.netrek.org will be deprecated
> and should not be used but will remain active and point to
> metaserver.netrek.org.
> Players should use metaserver.netrek.org in their config.
> Server admins should point their servers to both metaserver1 and
> metaserver2 so that they are listed correctly.
> The metaserver maintainers can be reached via email at /metaserver/ at
> netrek.org.
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