This is slightly tangential to the IPv6 question, but, which I deployed the other day, is running on a "Always Free" f1-micro instance for Google Cloud with a static IPv4 address.  It is hosted on the east coast of the US.

I am not sure if free micro instances with IPv4 are available in the EU or not though.

Thomas E Lackey

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> Am 01.05.20 um 07:47 schrieb Darrell Root:
> >>> 3) IPv6: I’m under the impression that nobody has ever played Netrek
> >>> over IPv6 because none of the netrek server codebases support IPv6.
> >>>  Is that correct?  Asking for a friend…
> >>
> >> Yes, the code supports IPv4.  As far as I can see there's no need to
> >> support IPv6, but if you know of enough service providers blocking
> >> IPv4, let me know.
> Some (very) cheap virtual servers no longer offer IPv4 addresses.
> -Sven
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