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Change to bitmap loading procedure as follows:
    If any bitmap files in a set are missing, default to the monoscale bitmaps
    for that set.
    If the monoscale bitmaps are missing, it's the users fault for deleting his/her
    bitmap files.
    This purpose of this code is preventative, as older versions of the client had
    different bitmap directories names and different bitmap sets.  If someone were
    to use a newer netrek executable without updating the bitmap libraries, this
    should keep the client working.

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 Version TBA:
+- added preventative measures against loading bitmap files that might not exist - if
+  bitmaps are missing, it defaults to the mono bitmaps
+- cleaned up a lot of dead space sound at the end of sound files, most noticeably, the
+  phaser sound
 - fixed a bug in the options menu that incorrectly reported whether the phaser window
   was mapped or not
 - phasering plasma now has less of an effect on phaser average damage statistics, it