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Changed it so that if dynamicBitmap is set to off, only the necessary bitmap files will load into memory.  This required modifying the load order of the main client function, so that the reset_defaults is called before newwin.  Reset_defaults loads the .netrekrc values, which is necessary for reading in what bitmaps the user wants to load.  Newwin, among other things, saves the bitmaps into memory.  To the best I can tell, changing the order has no unintended side effects.

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 Version TBA:
 - added preventative measures against loading bitmap files that might not exist - if
   bitmaps are missing, it defaults to the mono bitmaps
+- if dynamicBitmap is set to off, only the necessary bitmap files will load into
+  memory
 - cleaned up a lot of dead space sound at the end of sound files, most noticeably, the
   phaser sound
 - fixed a bug in the options menu that incorrectly reported whether the phaser window
@@ -11,8 +13,6 @@
 - fixed bug with phaser messages going blank due to improper buffering (not sure where
   this bug came from, in the downloadable version off playnetrek this bug does not exist)
 - removed defunct netrek forum link from metaserver window
-- all ship bitmap libraries now load into memory.  Can be modified at a later date
-  if this proves to be a bad idea.
 - added "dynamicBitmap: (on)/off".  Enables dynamic bitmap switching from the options menu
 - renumbered the ship bitmap sets for the colorClient option.  Choices are 0=mono,
   1=new color graphics, 2=single color graphics, and 3=shaded single color graphics.