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Fixed KRP dashboard hull display upon death
Added "warnHull: on/(off)" to visually display hull status as a series of dots around your ship.  Modelled after warnHull implementation in COW, except that I use an actual bitmap rather than the hullbitmap header file to define the bitmaps.

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 useRSA.<server>           (on/off) user RSA for <server>
 varyShields:              (on/off) change shields color on shields damage
 viewBox:                  (on/off) show tactical window boundaries on map
+warnHull:                 (on/off) warn hull state based on damage
 warnShields:              (on/off) change shields color on enemy approach
 warpStreaks:              (on/off) show streaks while warping to starbase
 windowMove:               (on/off) enable internal windows to be moved with mouse

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 Version 1.1:
+- fixed KRP dashboard hull display on death (it incorrectly displayed hull value, which
+  went into the negative if more damage was taken than the ship's hull could take, now it
+  just shows hull at 0 upon death)
+- added "warnHull: on/(off)" to visually display hull status as a series of dots around your
+  ship (same as in COW), except that the colors of the hull dots more closely resemble the 
+  corresponding colors for the COW dashboard hull states.  So the hull dots are white when
+  ship hull is about 90% or better, then they turn to yellow from about 40-90% hull left, and
+  finally they turn red from about 0-40% hull left. 
 - fixed case of view box not updating under certain circumstances, like flipping through
   options menus
 - changed drawing of the new ship bitmaps to overwrite any other image on the screen, except