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Fix to bugs with observers and screen not being redrawn on observee death.
Fix to short packet position reporting to correctly report negative positions (i.e. where players get sent on death).
Some more tidying up of todo list.

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 Version TBA:
+- fixed bug with observers with short packets on which was causing incorrect drawing of local
+  map in the case of losing player/planet lock (most noticeable effect was a single background
+  star being drawn at all times, instead of the usual blank local).  This was actually both a
+  server side and client side fix, relating to an incorrect sign on the player position packet,
+  but I mention it here.
 - fixed phaser stats reporting for long packets
 - fixed longstanding bug with UDP where display was redrawn too frequently (once for udp redraw,
   and again anytime a TCP packet was sent, like with warning messages).