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This large patch continues the work on allowing resizeable local
and map windows.  WINSIDE is now history, having been split
into TWINSIDE and GWINSIDE.  A few WINSIDE based defines
were modified.  Visible ship range (MAXDISTCLOAK and
MAXDISTVIS) were converted to galactic units.  The CORNER_DIST
variable was renamed to SOUND_MAXRANGE and now goes off
of INFORANGE scale rather than WINSIDE scale.  This keeps the
scaling factor for sounds the same no matter what size tactical is
used (sounds fall off to nothing at the same distance as before).
New function sound_window_height to calculate size of sound
window (trivial really, but makes it so no more editing newwin every
time a new option is added to the sound menu).
Commented out most of the windows geometry entries in the netrekrc,
and updated them to match the new default settings for a normal
500x500 local and 500x500 map window.  Reason being, newwin
entry routine now does a good job adjusting window sizes to match
local and map windows, so let's not have the user worry about
changing all the geometries.  Ideally users will change tactical and
map size, and have program do most of the adjusting for them.
On that note, changed a whole bunch of window default geometries
to use exact math so windows line up perfectly, and so they all
scale proper (compare old message win placements to new ones and
you will see the difference).
New netrekrc option infoRange to show a box around your ship
showing the limit on which server sends weapons data.  Box is
"smart" and doesn't draw sections that fall outside galaxy bounds.
Changed a few dashboard timers to no longer be located based on
WINSIDE (that was a mistake in the first place).  Dashboards do
NOT scale with tactical though, and it will be a MAJOR project
to add that ability.
The header for docwin is no longer centered on WINSIDE, since
the actual docwin size is hard coded to 500x500, made no sense
to have header to use WINSIDE in the first place.
MOTD window now is fixed at 500 pixels wide, no point in making
it wider, cause the text isn't going to extend due to the server
limiting its textwidth.
A bunch of bitmaps which were never anticipated to scale, now
scale.  Geno bitmaps now scale to fit map window, and are properly
defined in bitmaps.h as to their bitmap size.  Team and quit window
bitmaps now scale.

Index: netrekrc
RCS file: /cvsroot/netrek/client/netrekxp/resources/docs/netrekrc,v
retrieving revision 1.52
retrieving revision 1.53
diff -u -d -r1.52 -r1.53
--- netrekrc	5 Apr 2007 12:57:22 -0000	1.52
+++ netrekrc	6 Apr 2007 06:46:31 -0000	1.53
@@ -129,6 +129,10 @@
 # Ignore Caps Lock key state
 ignoreCaps: on
+# Show weapon's range boundary as a dashed white box if tactical
+# size is increased beyond the standard 500x500
+infoRange: on
 # How many tenths of seconds to keep info window on (default 15)
 keepInfo: 15
@@ -577,115 +581,118 @@
 # Local and map windows MUST be square.  Size can be adjusted.
 # If sizing downwards, don't forget to remap any windows nested
 # inside these windows, such as team select and quit windows.
+# Most windows will autoadjust to the right spot if local or
+# map size are changed, so most window placements are commented
+# out.  Uncomment them if you wish to customize.
 netrek.parent:          netrek
 netrek.geometry:        1024x768
 local.parent:           netrek
-local.geometry:         500x500+0+0
+local.geometry:         500x500
 map.parent:             netrek
-map.geometry:           500x500+506+0
+map.geometry:           500x500
 tstat.parent:           netrek
-tstat.geometry:         505x43+0+506
-warn.parent:            netrek
-warn.geometry:          504x16+506+523
+#tstat.geometry:         504x42+0+506
 message.parent:         netrek
-message.geometry:       504x16+506+506
+#message.geometry:       504x20+506+506
 message.mapped:         on
+warn.parent:            netrek
+#warn.geometry:          504x20+506+526
 planet.parent:          netrek
-planet.geometry:        57x43+660+0
+#planet.geometry:        57x43+516+10
 planet.mapped:          off
 rank.parent:            netrek
-rank.geometry:          80x18+10+300
+#rank.geometry:          80x18+10+300
 rank.mapped:            off
 player.parent:          netrek
-player.geometry:        +0+550
+#player.geometry:        +0+550
 player.mapped:          on
 player2.parent:         netrek
-player2.geometry:       +140+100
+#player2.geometry:       +140+100
 player2.mapped:         off
 help.parent:            netrek
-help.mapped:            off
+#help.mapped:            off
 review_all.parent:      netrek
-review_all.geometry:    81x5+506+658
+#review_all.geometry:    81x5+506+660
 review_all.mapped:      on
 review_team.parent:     netrek
-review_team.geometry:   81x7+506+579
+#review_team.geometry:   81x6+506+590
 review_team.mapped:     on
 review_your.parent:     netrek
-review_your.geometry:   81x3+506+540
+#review_your.geometry:   81x3+506+550
 review_your.mapped:     on
 review_kill.parent:     netrek
-review_kill.geometry:   81x3+506+717
+#review_kill.geometry:   81x3+506+720
 review_kill.mapped:     on
 review_kill.allow:      KP
 review_phaser.parent:   netrek
-review_phaser.geometry: 81x4+506+676
+#review_phaser.geometry: 81x4+506+750
 review_phaser.mapped:   off
 review.parent:          netrek
-review.geometry:        81x22+506+540
+#review.geometry:        81x20+506+550
 review.mapped:          off
 pingStats.parent:       netrek
-pingStats.geometry:     +500+4
+#pingStats.geometry:     +500+4
 pingStats.mapped:       off
 UDP.parent:             netrek
-UDP.geometry:           +510+9
+#UDP.geometry:           +510+9
 UDP.mapped:             off
 network.parent:         netrek
-network.geometry:       +510+9
+#network.geometry:       +510+9
 network.mapped:         off
 DocWin.parent:          netrek
-DocWin.geometry:        500x500+0+181
+#DocWin.geometry:        500x500+0+181
 DocWin.mapped:          off
 xtrekrcWin.parent:      netrek
-xtrekrcWin.geometry:    500x500+0+200
+#xtrekrcWin.geometry:    500x500+0+200
 xtrekrcWin.mapped:      off
 fed.parent:             local
-fed.geometry:           100x100+0+400
+#fed.geometry:           100x100+0+400
 kli.parent:             local
-kli.geometry:           100x100+200+400
+#kli.geometry:           100x100+200+400
 ori.parent:             local
-ori.geometry:           100x100+300+400
+#ori.geometry:           100x100+300+400
 rom.parent:             local
-rom.geometry:           100x100+100+400
+#rom.geometry:           100x100+100+400
 quit.parent:            local
-quit.geometry:          100x100+400+400
+#quit.geometry:          100x100+400+400
 stats.parent:           netrek
-stats.geometry:         100x80+405+506
+#stats.geometry:         100x80+406+506
 stats.mapped:           off
 war.parent:             netrek
-war.geometry:           20x6+510+9
+#war.geometry:           20x6+510+9
 war.mapped:             off
 sound.parent:           netrek
-sound.geometry:         +520+9
+#sound.geometry:         +520+9
 sound.mapped:           off

Index: netrekrc_options.txt
RCS file: /cvsroot/netrek/client/netrekxp/resources/docs/netrekrc_options.txt,v
retrieving revision 1.45
retrieving revision 1.46
diff -u -d -r1.45 -r1.46
--- netrekrc_options.txt	4 Apr 2007 04:06:37 -0000	1.45
+++ netrekrc_options.txt	6 Apr 2007 06:46:31 -0000	1.46
@@ -72,6 +72,7 @@
 indshipGbmpfile:          (path) - your own ship's grayscale bitmaps
 indshipTbmpfile:          (path) - shaded color bitmaps
 indshipMbmpfile:          (path) - mono bitmaps
+infoRange:                (on/off) show weapon's range boundary with large tacticals windows
 keepInfo:                 (0-100) number of tenths of seconds to keep info (default 15)
 keepPeace:                (on/off) stays in peace after being killed
 keymap:                   (string) change keymap

Index: changes.txt
RCS file: /cvsroot/netrek/client/netrekxp/resources/docs/changes.txt,v
retrieving revision 1.158
retrieving revision 1.159
diff -u -d -r1.158 -r1.159
--- changes.txt	4 Apr 2007 10:34:21 -0000	1.158
+++ changes.txt	6 Apr 2007 06:46:31 -0000	1.159
@@ -1,4 +1,17 @@
 Netrek XP 2006, Version 1.3:
+- added the ability to change the size of the local or map windows!  This is a huge improvement,
+  and is probably the most often requested feature.  There really is no limit on how big or small
+  you can make the windows.  As you increase local window size, you can see further, giving
+  somewhat of a gameplay advantage - you can see ships, shields, explosions, but not weapons
+  fire other than your own torps.  Just as important, you can now choose a different size
+  for local vs map window.  A typical user may want a 750x750 local but only a 400x400 map.
+- most netrekrc window's geometries are now commented out (all except map and local), this
+  is because adjusting the size of local or map will now do a pretty good job of autoplacing
+  all the other windows for you
+- new netrekrc option "infoRange: (on)/off" to draw a dashed white box on your tactical
+  if you increase the tactical size beyond 500 x 500.  This box is drawn to show the 500
+  x 500 range, which is important because other people's weapons data is not sent beyond
+  this range (box essentially shows limit of fog of war for weapons).
 - added support for CHECK_PLANETS feature packet, this is a nice packet that checks
   with the server to make sure your planet info is up to date, so no more phantom
   armies on a planet or delay on bombing a planet flat because you lost a planet