On Sun, Aug 20, 2000 at 04:46:54AM -0700, Trent Piepho wrote:
> If I do the same thing, 345 connections to the list port:
> xyzzy     5706  0.8  1.1  1184   560  ?  S    04:32   0:01 netrekd 
> xyzzy     5706  1.3  1.1  1184   560  ?  S    04:32   0:02 netrekd 

Yes, Karthik saw no change on his Intel based system too.

> Your .ports file is broken.  You need to have quotes around the 3rd word, but
> statistics has no quotes.  This causes the parser to decided that the line is
> bad, and ignore it.  If you look at the variable num_progs in the scope of
> main(), you'll see that it is only 3 and not 4.  This shouldn't cause
> netrekd any problems, but you might want to fix your file.

Yes, this was a change to doc/sample_ports in the last year.
Fixed, tested, ... still leaks.  Statistics output works now as well.

> Also, do you have a .nocount file?  It needs to be in LIBDIR and be readable
> by the netrekd process.  Otherwise netrekd will spawn /usr/ucb/netstat on each
> connection, yuck.  IMHO, a .count file to turn on this feature would make more
> sense.

Yes, I have one.  I agree.  Feel free to change the code if you get a
moment.  Note that the installation scripts "touch $LIBDIR/.nocount"

I've looked at an strace.  I need to make an ltrace next.  The strace
suggests an issue with /etc/nsswitch.conf line that I recall as a known
issue with Red Hat Linux V6.2 ... "hosts:      files nisplus nis dns"

If Bob isn't using NIS I'll ask him to remove that.

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