On Fri, 25 Aug 2000, James Cameron wrote:
> Another antisocial behaviour is turning up and I'm receiving complaints
> about it.  Player leaves one of the T-Mode teams and joins a third race
> just after T-Mode is lost, but enough players join eventually to make
> T-Mode work; provided they were all on the same team.

I was on Continuum last night and saw this happen at two
different times.

> This persistence of the player who apparently wants to play on the other
> race reduces the enjoyment of the game for the remaining players.

There were 2 inviduals I recall who refused to join Fed or Rom
and eventually their 3rd race team Ori became the dominant one as
people abandoned Fed!

> Is this necessary?  Should the race choice be set by the first two
> people who join an empty server?

It's not set by the first two. If there are 3 on Rom and 3 on Fed
clearly this is what the race is going to be. It is the ones
coming in and hijacking the race to 3rd world race who are making
the choice as opposed to those who were already there. Maybe
allow for galactic reset vote or something if this happens I


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