Maybe it would reduce flexibility, but at this point, we're trying to 
increase player numbers (or at least not lose ground).  I wouldn't play games
online if it were frustrating to get a game going (I actually experienced 
this on trying to play Total Annihilation there).  

Why not come up with some server mods that server administrators can 
implement if they so choose (including non at all), but make it a run-time
environment thing.

I would propose a rotating-galaxy thing, where you start with Fed v Rom, then
Rom v Kli, then Kli v Ori, then Ori v Fed.  At least it would keep things
mixed up a little, even though in a non-chaotic way.  Every fifth t-mode
repeats the sequence, even set it up so that the sequence is configurable.
In effect, even before t-mode happens, you'd have a case where you'd know 
what races would be playing so you block the 3rd space races.

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