On Tue, 18 Jul 2000, Zachary Uram wrote:

> Hola
> Hablas anglais pour favour :)

Not sure what language you were trying to speak, but in Spanish it's
"Habla ingles, por favor".  Note the correct spelling and the use of the
third person singular, which is how one addresses someone they don't know
with respect.

The email he sent was spam; interesting spam in that it reminds me of the
"land in the everglades" joke.

Here is my translation, which captures the spirit, but forgive me of any
minor mistakes -- my Spanish is very rusty and I spoke the Mexican
dialect, not Argentinian.

The admired Mr Ted Turner, we have in our family 5000 hectares [of land]
in the Patagonia (Rio Negro) and we wish to sell it.  -This is an
opportunity-  If there is interest I can provide [send?] the
information.  Sincerely, Edgardo Hernandez.

Por Senor Edgardo Hernandez:

Senor, esta lista no esta por el norteamericano famoso "Ted Turner", es
por una otra cosa.  No sabemos la direccion de Senor Turner.  Perdon si mi
espanol no es bien.  Muchas gracias por la invitacion.


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