Trent, it was discussed, I guess you missed it.  The behaviour I adopted
is consistent with beaming down while at peace; are you suggesting that
a new message should be added for that condition as well?  Is non-T
gameplay really that important to you?

Tom, I can't envisage a situation where a real game will be disturbed by
this change.  Can you elucidate please?  Your input may be valuable in
assuring that the change will have negligible effect.  T-mode would have
to drop before the new behaviour occurs.  I've not seen many real games
where this is a problem, apart from dying pickup games, or massive net
problems during an INL game.

All: should I consider allowing bombing out of t-mode as a configuration
option?  That change was not subject to the same discussion.

The change in question has been made optional now, as of my latest CVS
commit.  I never thought people would be so worried about such a minor 
adjustment; we have far larger problems on our plates.

Let's concentrate on those.

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